ANiGENT Partners

ANiGENT has a competitive advantage by being able to harness the talents of a team with proven track records.

Technology and Marketing providers

KALEITICS LLC, Information Technology Solutions

  • >25 years technology, start-up, Big 5 Management Consulting, and analytical  driven digital transformation settings including pharmaceuticals.
  • Supporting global organizations in defining and delivering applications, advanced analytics and technologies.
  • Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, Program Management, and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.
CRISP SOLUTIONS, Marketing and Communications
  • >100 brands launched, protected and marketed
  • Expertise in multichannel marketing and communications
  • Media and public relations prowess
  • 40+ national and international recognition for strategy, design, and execution
  • Expertise in pharmaceutical, hospital and device markets
BRAUSS CREATIVE LLC, UI/GUI Design, Graphic Services
  • 10 years UI/GUI design within Pharmaceutical compound testing, drug diversion monitoring, offshore deep sea oil field monitoring, DoD field application interface
  • .25 years Graphic Design Services with >10 years project lead in print and digital communication