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Intelligent Analytics for Healthcare

When patient lives are at risk, every minute counts. That’s why ANiGENT has collaborated with the Mayo Clinic to market the first comprehensive drug diversion prevention platform that utilizes machine learning technology to track all usersall drugs, in all locations.

Preventing Drug Diversion in the COVID-19 Era

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Hospitals face a critical problem. As they are taking the heroic steps to handle COVID-19 at their facilities, the increased demand for medication has left them vulnerable for drug diverters. These individuals have taken advantage of the chaos and the sudden influx of patients to swipe medications already in short supply. This whitepaper examines the inherent flaws of existing drug diversion prevention software and focuses on a new platform that fulfills the promise others have not. This revolutionary platform has the capability to uncover risks in minutes, protecting patient lives and hospital workers during this COVID-19 era. Read More >>>